The Anne T. Kent California Room

Anne T. Kent, 1976; Photograph by Emme Gilman

The Anne T. Kent California Room is an archive of the Marin County Free Library dedicated to collecting and preserving information on local, regional, and state history, with a strong emphasis on the history and culture of Marin County. Resources include books, maps, photographs, oral histories, biography files, early Marin County voter registers, clippings, and ephemera. Since 1974 it has been recording and archiving oral histories of Marin County residents whose stories enhance the understanding of Marin County’s history and communities. Its archives include a collection of nearly 400 oral history interviews and corresponding transcriptions. The California Room launched a Digital Archive in April of 2003 to fulfill its commitment to increasing the usage of its historical materials and disseminating Marin County history and culture to its patrons.

The California Room’s extensive collection contains oral histories of Marin County residents: ranchers, politicians, environmentalists, and many other contributors to Marin County’s history and culture. Filling a gap in the California Room’s collection, the project Marin Mind/Scapes: Stories of Art, Nature, and Wellness augments the California Room’s oral history collection with recordings of the stories of Marin County artists who have depicted Marin’s natural landmarks in their work.

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